Monday, 13 February 2017

Here's How To Love Your Skin For Life!

People often tell me that I look years younger and I have great skin, for this I am truly grateful. I remembered how taking care of my skin seemed to be an issue for me some years back, way before I decided to retrain as a skincare and beauty professional.

With a raft of products on the beauty market some of my clients have told me that they have struggled to know what to do with their skin. From my experience, I have come to understand some of the struggles my clients have had in the past which have been a hindrance or dis-empowered them to build self-care into their daily habits that will give them radiant, healthy skin:

1. Skincare products on the market looks confusing and sometimes even complicated, so people don't know what to choose and use.

2. Skincare products don’t work. Some of my clients have tried some products and cannot see any results. As a result, they've become dissatisfied and disenchanted customers.

3. Some of the women I have spoken to, have very busy schedules and therefore find it difficult to keep to a routine or skincare regime.

This is why I came up with this simple skincare challenge during this month of love. The benefit is that you'll feel supported and learn how to nourish and love the skin you're in! 
It is skincare that cuts out any confusion and clutter, just a simple way of treating your skin with definition and love

What You Will Get
1. A step-by-step approach that will enable you to build self-care into your daily habits, even if you have a very busy schedule and not a lot of time. 

2. A daily skincare or beauty tip to inspire you to keep up with nourishing your skin.

3. My ultimate skincare guide titled: 15 Fabulous Foods to Include in Your Diet For Radiant, Healthy Skin.

How to Take Part
It all starts with a FREE consultation, so sign up and join us at

I only have 15 spots available so when its full, its full. Signing up to take part in the challenge closes on Tuesday, 28th February at 7.00pm.

Is there any better gift to give yourself, than the gift of nourishing and loving your skin during this Valentine period.

Radiance and Love,

Wumi xoxo

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