Thursday, 18 August 2016

One Beauty Trend To Love and To Hate

When looking through Youtube for some beauty tips to help with both my personal and business life, I have noticed a beauty trend. One which I really like but also, completely dislike - Celebrity look alike tutorials.

Here are just some of the few, I have come across in my search for personal beauty care and current beauty trends. 
  • Makeup look like Taylor Swift
  • Makeup look like Selena Gomez
  • Makeup look like Beyonce
  • Makeup look like Rihanna
  • Makeup look like Angelina Jolie

The Positive: The Love
It's great to get inspiration from celebrities and see what a transformation makeup can bring. After all, who does not want to look like the gorgeous Beyonce, the glamorous Rihanna or the trendy Selena Gomez!

The Negative: The Hate
This beauty trend seems to becoming obsessive and is simply not encouraging young women to embrace their own natural beauty. The danger here is that it can encourage young women to think that they are not cool enough, gorgeous enough or simply beautiful enough until they've made their makeup look like that of a celebrity. 

Finding The Balance
There is nothing wrong in being inspired by other people: what they wear, their makeup, lifestyle or indeed their beauty. All I am saying is that while doing that, do let your own beauty shine through too.

I felt a strong sense of pent-up emotion, the first time I watched this video: Lupita Nyongo's Speech on Black Beauty Essence. The video really hit a chord on the subject of beauty being unique and personal. Lupita in her soft, spoken voice speaks about her experience of when she did not feel comfortable with her own beauty, particularly the colour of her skin. But that is all history now. Having been blessed to have a mother who was a source of encouragement, Lupita finally made the mind shift and is doing so well as an actor and director.

Look, Learn And Still Be You
Whether people tell you or not: Woman, You are Beautiful In Your Own Special Way. Please remember that!

Hoping that you'll rock your own personal beauty with authenticity to let yourself shine, even with an inspired look from a celebrity or otherwise!

Radiance and Love,


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