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How to Help Your Eyes Look More Youthful

Can You Really Get Rid of Under-eye Puffiness, Crepiness or Dark Circles? 
A lifetime of repeated facial expressions such as laughing, smiling, squinting and frowning can really takes its toll on the delicate eye area. The result can be dark circles or eyes that make you look more tired, worn-out and older than you feel. And truth be told, this is a skin condition that not only affects women but men too!

Laying it bare
I’ve always had dry skin so from time immemorial, I knew that oil and cream based products were the right ones for my skin. However, what I’ve tried to deal with that took so long for me to to get a result with, were my dark circles. Even skin therapist have their own skin issues too! And why could I not resolve this slight difficulty? I was simply not using the right product. However, I eventually got 'my act together' when I made the decision to use a targeted eye solution by way of an anti-aging serum and I could see the difference in the reduction of this niggling problem. 

What are Dark Circles?

This is when the area around the eyes known as the ‘orbital’ show a bluish black shadow or just shadows under the eyes. It’s a natural part of skin aging and is more common to Asian and African Caribbean skin.The most common cause is too much pigment in the eye area. The pigment shows through under the eyes because the skin around the eye area is very thin. 
Dark circles are also known as 'panda eyes' and the condition can be worsened by poor diet, smoking, too much alcohol consumption or hormonal changes in the body. Sometimes, dark circles are simply hereditary.
I'll admit here right now that I only drink the very occasional glass of wine and I don't smoke, so that is not the reason why I have them. For me, it's just a part of my own aging process and to be frank, I could do with a little more sleep. Sometimes dark circles can be aggravated by a lack of sleep! 

Taking a step back to take it forward!
When you look in the mirror, do you see dark circles and under-eye bags around your eyes? If so, you're not alone. Dark circles and puffiness are two of the most common problems that people notice around their eyes. According to a study by the cosmetics company Clinique, 50 per cent of women said that dark circles and puffiness around their eyes were their major skincare concerns. This comes as no surprise because the skin around the eyes has minimal oil glands to keep it naturally moisturized most of the time. Hydration is therefore a critical issue.

How to Reawaken Tired Eyes For a More Lifted Look
The solution is to use a targeted product such as an eye creameye gel or anti-aging eye serum. Eye creams and eye serums are formulated specifically for application around the eye area. They contain vitamins and ingredients which revitalize and lift the skin. They are supplied in ampoules, sealed glass or containers which prevent the contents from evaporating and losing their effectiveness.

Tips For Men and Women 
Apply a small quantity of the product to the eye tissue using the ring finger of one hand, gently stroking around the eye outwards. Support the eye tissue with the other hand, if you have to.
Place wet and cold Green tea bags on your eyes to help boost the circulation and drain out the toxins to reduce puffiness. Green tea contains anti-oxidants which are great for the skin.

Tips For Women
A concealer applied around the eye can also temporarily mask dark circles. 
Blend the concealer into this area gently until you can no longer see the dark circles.
A concealer with a greenish tinge will also help to offset any redness in the eye area.
A colour correction cream known as a CC Cream also does wanders for concealing the unconcealable!

Radiance and love,

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