Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Prime Your Way to a Flawless Face

Would you love a flawless face?

Imagine, just imagine that you are on the beautiful, dainty island of Barbados. You’ve recently bought a 6 bedroom villa which requires some refurbishing. Yes, it’s a 6 bedroom villa with a lovely, spacious sitting room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and it's heaven – pure heaven!
You’ve got the handy man, the painter cum decorator. The walls have been totally stripped and ready for that lick of paint. But the alarm bells come ringing. The painter you've hired wants to cover the surface and apply paint without first priming the walls. You look at him with utter outrage. “OMG, I’m not allowing that”, you shriek!
So What?
YOU won’t allow your decorator to paint the walls of your lovely villa without priming it first. However, many ladies apply foundation on their skin without using a primer!

My Confession
For a long time, I didn't understand the use of a primer as a skin protector, acting as a base for the skin. I thought priming was another palaver, another way to buy products that I simply would not use. How not right could I have been!
Awesome Advantages
Priming your face before applying foundation, is just like priming your walls before painting it. It prepares your your face as it helps even out skin texture so you can feel your skin's suppleness and silkiness just before you apply foundation. The primer acts as an invisible cushion that fills in the imperfections of your skin so that your foundation can glide on smoothly and effortlessly. Above all, your foundation will last longer and look more natural because priming your face gives your foundation real staying power. This is the first step to a flawless face and one of my top beauty secrets. I prime my face before I apply foundation. This difference is visible as my foundation doesn't last as long on my face when I don't prime.
So, if you would prime the walls or your new plush house or mansion before painting it, would it be absolutely wrong to prime your face before applying foundation? Remember, a flawless face can be achieved through the use of a foundation primer.

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Radiance and love,
Wumi x
PS – Simply recommending the Mary Kay Primer which is lightweight in consistency and really gives the skin a truly, flawless finish.  It's one of our best sellers, therefore I think you might just love it.

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