Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beauty is the Art you Create

Ever stayed awake at night thinking about a puzzling question that just won't go away?
A Little Reflection!
Entering the world of business and entrepreneurship has made me a little more reflective. More so, when I decided to go back into education and retrain as a beauty and health professional.
My journey into the health and beauty industry has also made me to take a minute from the hustle of city living and ask myself (what I would consider) one of life's quite intriguing questions: What is Beauty? I aim to answer this question as a series of posts. 

One of my definitions is thus:

"Beauty is the art you create".

When I look at the work of some of the make-up artist I've seen, sometimes I would just say 'WOW'!

Eyes which dazzle.Eyebrows so totally defined! Faces which are simply flawless and pouty lips that keep women looking gorgeous.  We are, if I may say it, in the era of make-up artistry. 

Make-up artists create beauty with faces - turning a dull, dreary face into an art of total elegance.
Hairdressers create it with fabulous hair designs wonderful to behold.

Florists turn fresh cut flowers into hand-tied bouquets of beauty which makes your heart truly skip a beat.

Poets and songwriters take simple words and change them into rhythms of awesome pleasure.

Chefs take different foods, spices and ingredients and turn them into tasteful delights of arts, on a plate that only the imagination cannot fathom.
The list truly can go on.. Simply said, Beauty is the Art You Create.
Drop me a line here, if you have any questions about your beauty needs. Would love to hear from you.

Radiance and Love,

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